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Stucco Installation in Columbus, OH 

You've decided on stucco for your building or home. Now you need to find the right contractor to do the job. When stucco is correctly installed, it will provide your property with a distinctive exterior finish that lasts for years. Our team is your ideal choice for stucco installation in Columbus, OH. We have the experience, knowledge, and talent to turn your home or business into the area's showcase. Because good workmanship is based on the materials that go into it, we only use the highest quality stucco products. For more than three decades, Ohio State Stucco Company has turned customers' decorating ideas into reality. Call us to discuss the changes you want for your structure and we'll give you an idea about the work necessary to accomplish your goal. From start to finish, we do a thorough job and keep you informed every step of the process.

Before and After Stucco Building in Columbus, OH

Detailed Stucco Installation 

All quality construction work is done with care and attention to detail. Unlike painting or even siding installation, stucco work requires a precise process to achieve a beautiful result.

Both traditional three-coat and modern one-coat processes are available. To support the stucco and prevent cracking, we embed a mesh into the base coat. This is followed by a multi-step process, including a weather barrier that leaves your building or home with a finished appearance. Make us your choice for comprehensive and efficient stucco installation on any size property-large or small.

Personal Service from Our Stucco Installation Company 

You receive customer-driven service from our stucco installation company. At our operation, we understand that your property is a sizable investment.

Any changes you make to it will affect its value in the event you choose to sell it. We always keep these kinds of things in mind while we work to give your business or home the look that you want. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.

A Highly Skilled Stucco Installation Contractor 

The number of contractors in all fields is astounding. How do you pick one to do the work that you want? You need to look for a contractor that specializes in the type of service your project requires.

You also need to find a company that will work as your partner to make sure that your wishes are carried out to the letter. That's the kind of service you receive from our stucco contractor. Whether you want new stucco installation or stucco repairs, we do a complete job for you.

Contact us for complete stucco installation that makes your structure attractive and durable. We proudly serve Hilliard, Dublin, Westerville, New Albany, and Pickerington, OH, and the surrounding areas.

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