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Comprehensive EIFS Company in Columbus, OH

If you want superior energy efficiency and virtually unlimited design flexibility, our EIFS company in Columbus, OH, can offer you both of these fantastic benefits. Our product is a lightweight, multilayered wall covering system that is also insulated and water-resistant. Our products work equally well for residential or business structures.

Compared to standard brick or wood, our product reduces air infiltration by high amounts. It acts like a blanket wrapped over your building, insulating it from the outside and providing you with exceptional thermal insulation and reduced energy costs.

Other Benefits for This Integrated Composite Material 

As an EIFS contractor, our staff at Ohio State Stucco Company LLC understands the many benefits this integrated composite material can offer you. It is becoming increasingly popular with architects, builders, and homeowners alike because of the following immense benefits and versatility the product provides:

  • Moisture Resistant: If this material is correctly installed, it can be among the most water resistant exterior surfaces.
  • Fire Resistant: EIFS passed Fire Resistance (ASTM E 119) and showed no adverse effect on the fire resistance of a rated wall assembly.
  • Durable: The systems are crack resistant due to their flexible design, allowing them to tolerate expansion and contraction due to temperature change.
EIFS Diagram in Columbus, OH

Expanding on the Flexibility of Design Options

You are probably looking for a specific style for your home. You have a vision. The good news is, we can help translate your dream designs into reality. Our EIFS product has terrific versatility when it comes to design capabilities. You can still have the look of brick that you wanted for the exterior of your home. From stucco to stone-like designs, you can have what you want in a variety of colors and textures. You won’t have to compromise style to get the surface you wish.

When you choose our products, you will be able to give your home a distinctive appearance, which sets you apart from other homes in the area. By doing so, it will increase the curb appeal, which will improve the resell value if you ever decide to relocate. Whatever style you are looking for, this product will afford you the benefits you need from a company you can trust.

Contact our professional EIFS installation company today to schedule an on-site quote. We proudly serve Columbus, OH, and the surrounding area.