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Stucco Painting in Columbus, OH  

Remodeling doesn't have to be expensive. Painting is an effective and affordable way to renew your home or business. This includes structures that have stucco on their exteriors. Whether your stucco-covered structure is new or old, it will look better with paint. For a new property, paint in modern colors complements the architecture of your home or business. Painting helps erase signs of wear and tear on older buildings where the stucco has been exposed to the elements for years. Our team is your ideal choice for stucco painting in Columbus, OH. We have decades of industry experience that include stucco installation and repairs, so we know how to take care of your building and make it look attractive. When you decide to improve your property with painting, call the professionals at Ohio State Stucco Company.

Painted Stucco House in Columbus, OH

Your Reliable Stucco Painting Company

You need to feel comfortable with the contractor you choose for your stucco work. From our first discussion, we make you feel a part of the process because we listen to you. Only you know what changes you want for your home or building, and that includes the color of the paint.

Our stucco painting company works according to your specifications to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the results. If you request something that we don't think will work, we'll make suggestions about other options.

Enhancive & Lasting Stucco Painting Services 

While painting is a completely effective way to enhance your stucco, it takes skill to achieve the best results. We provide the most efficient stucco painting services throughout the area. Like any home or business, a paint job for a stucco-covered structure starts with surface preparation. The prep process is different for newly constructed buildings and older ones. For new buildings, contractors recommend waiting approximately two months before painting. That gives the stucco time to properly dry and settle. 

We have to clean the surface of older stucco to thoroughly remove dirt and stains. However, we can't start painting right away. Most contractors suggest waiting up to two weeks after the cleaning to make sure that the stucco is completely dry. We also use caulk, patching compound, and sealant to fill in any cracks or small holes so that the surface is as close to perfect as possible. To create beautiful and long-lasting color, we use elastomeric and acrylic primer paints that are specifically designed for stucco painting.

Contact us for dependable stucco painting services at your business or home. We proudly serve Westerville, New Albany, Pickerington, Grove City, and Upper Arlington, OH, plus the surrounding areas.

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